Welcome to The Movement Buffalo Self Stretch Series

Welcome to the Self Stretch Series

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Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding your muscle.

Think of fascia like a spider web, inter-twined throughout your whole body, fully connected from your head to your toes. If you have a restriction in your fascia, it could limit movements elsewhere. For example, low back pain could be relieved by a hamstring or calf stretch. The point of this self stretch series is to assess and address any limitations and restrictions to movement you may have and make sure we prevent any pain or tightness before it starts.

In these mini-courses, I’ll teach you how to increase your fascial flexibility within your body and joints!

Stretch Therapist & Owner
Carrie Klauk
Fascial Stretch Specialist L3, SportStretchUSA, AIS, Thai Yoga Bodywork, LifeStretch Instructor, Yoga Trapeze Instructor

Here at The Movement Buffalo Stretch Therapy, we gently move you to relieve pain and increase range of motion. We specialize in different forms of pain-free stretching and energy healing to reset the mind/body connection, as well as work on muscle and joint tightness to improve posture and body alignment. Our goal is to relieve and prevent limitations, restrictions, pain and tightness, increase space and range of motion in joints, promote health and wellness, and improve overall quality of life.

Fascial Stretch Therapy stretches the fascia, giving you greater range of motion to muscles and joints. This type of stretching helps lengthen, realign, and reorganizes your fascia to help you feel less restricted in all areas of movement.